DJI R Lens-Fastening Strap

Cikkszám: CP.RN.00000126.01
EAN: 6941565906724

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    Use the DJI R Lens-Fastening Strap to support and fix camera and lens for a more stable shooting experience. Various lenses are supported. The lens-fastening strap is highly adjustable by rotating the knob on the strap. SuperSmooth requires a lens-fastening strap to function properly. The lens-fastening strap can also be used with Ronin-S and Ronin-SC; however, SuperSmooth is not supported in either model. 


    Lens support: 56×54×19 mm

    Strap: 410×10 mm (unfolded)


    Lens support: 16.1 g

    Strap: 3.7 g

    Knob: 3.5 g