DJI Ronin Tethered Control Handle

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    DJI Ronin Tethered Control Handle 

    The Tethered Control Handle for the DJI RS 2 gimbal is designed to attach to the DJI R Twist Grip Dual Handle (sold separately) and let you comfortably control focus, camera shutter, and gimbal movement.

    Normally, both arms of the optional Twist Grip Dual Handle attach directly to the NATO/RSA ports on the sides of the gimbal. But in this case, a compact adapter has to be placed in between the gimbal and one of the arms.

    An included expansion adapter first attaches to the NATO/RSA mount on the side of the gimbal. One of the Twist Grip arms then attaches to the adapter. And then this Tethered Control Handle attaches to the Twist Grip arm. An included cable connects the Tethered Control Handle to the expansion adapter and establishes a wired connection.

    Also, the Tethered Control Handle features another NATO/RSA mount and a shoe mount for attaching additional accessories.