DJI R Twist Grip Dual Handle

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    DJI R Twist Grip Dual Handle

    While dual handles for gimbals are traditionally designed as one piece, the DJI R Twist Grip Dual Handle consists of four components

    that easily connect and break down via NATO mounts, so when you're done using it, you can pack it away very compact. It features

    two extension arms and two grip handles. The arms attach to the left and right NATO mounts on the RS 2 and RSC 2 gimbals, and the grip handles

    secure to the arms, also by NATO mounts. Once all set up, the R Twist Grip Dual Handle allows you to maneuver the gimbal with two hands

    in scenarios where such a setup would allow for better balancing.


    Furthermore, the left extension arm can also be used alone to hold the gimbal underslung, in "briefcase" mode, for low-angle shots.

    In such a setup, one of the grip handles would attach to the arm. The extension arms also offer 1/4"-20 and

    3/8"16 threaded holes and shoe mounts for accessories.


    The R Twist Grip Dual Handle also supports the optional Ronin Tethered Control Handle when used with the RS 2.

    The tethered handle can be attached to one of the extension arms in place of one of the included grip handles.

    It connects to the gimbal via a control cable to allow wired control of select camera and gimbal features.